Historic Birchrunville Neighborhood Association
Historic Birchrunville Neighborhood Association

The Historic Birchrunville Neighborhood Association

Our mission is to actively protect, maintain, and enhance the quality of life of residents in and around the National Historic District of Birchrunville Pennsylvania, being mindful at all times of the unique flavor of Birchrunville and its historical heritage.

The Historic Birchrunville Neighborhood Association (HBNA) was formed in 2013 -- our first effort was a successful campaign to save the Birchrunville Schoolhouse.  See the links above to learn more about the HBNA.

Birchrunville Schoolhouse - 1863


West Vincent Township Creates Historic Commission!


West Vincent Township has appointed it's first Historic Commission in 2019! This is something we have been advocating for since the formation of the Association five  years ago.  The Commission is charged with a number of responsibilities to advise the Township Supervisors on Historic matters.

West Vincent Historic Commission

Historic Bryn Coed Oak Tree


Bryn Coed Farms Preserved


Natural Lands has purchased Bryn Coed Farms, a 1500+ acre property, a portion of which extends to just 1/4 mile from the center of Birchrunville. This tract could have supported 700 homes if fully developed and would have a great impact on our historic village.


Natural Lands has announced the successful completion of a campaign to raise $5m to move forward wth its plans for a 500-acre nature preserve on the property.  The preserve trails will be constructed in 2018 with a scheduled fall opening to the general public. 


Proposed Lot and Trail Plan


Birchrunville Logo Apparel

We have "Birchrunville" logo apparel available for sale. More information about these items here!


Spring 2014 Fundraising Drive Results


We have announced the results of our Spring Fundraising Drive and are happy to report that the Association has fulfilled all financial obligations incurred during the effort to save the Birchrunville Schoolhouse


Once again we would like to thank all of you for your support and encouragement, for recognizing and embracing Birchrunville and West Vincent Township as our home, our heritage, and our future.

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